A Decaf Coffee Wins 2024 US Brewers Cup


The US Brewers Cup is a prestigious coffee brewing competition held annually in the United States. It focuses on the skill and precision of manual coffee brewing methods, such as pour-over, immersion, and siphon brewing. Competitors showcase their expertise in brewing techniques, coffee selection, and flavor profiling to impress judges and win the championship. The competition is part of the US Coffee Championships, which also include events like the US Barista Championship and the US Coffee Roasting Championship. 

In short, the US Brewers Cup is a top coffee brewing competition in the United States where competitors demonstrate their skill in manual brewing methods to win the championship.

Weihong Zhang, from BlendIn Coffee Club in Houston, Texas, won the 2024 United States Brewers Cup. BlendIn is known for sourcing unique coffees, making it a top spot in Texas. Zhang's victory is extraordinary because he won with a decaf coffee from Colombia, using a special process by Oscar Hernandez of Finca Los Nogales.  The coffee was a decaf Typica using ethyl acetate (EA) process. (Learn more here)

As the quality of decaffeinated coffee continues to improve, it is imperative that we, as an industry, maintain our commitment to delivering exceptional tasting coffees. Speciality coffee roasters play a crucial role in this endeavor, as we are tasked with skillfully extracting and highlighting the nuanced flavors inherent in the beans.

Photo by Sprudge.

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