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Questions and Answers

Coffee Background

The process which has made this possible is called Ethel Acetate Decaffeination. It's a fascinating science experiment, but at a very basic level: a sugar alcohol biproduct is used as a solvent to help dissolve the caffeine out of the coffee.

EA Decaffeination is the lowest-impact decaffeination process we've found, and we believe this lot in particular is an exceptional example of what is possible with this style of processing. In the cup, we taste delicious flavors - peach and honey making us think of a lovely Ethiopian coffee that hasn't been decaffeinated. This coffee also has depth to it, which we experience on the palette as floral.

Our Goal

Here at Familiar we love coffee. We picked our name because of the root word famulus from Latin, which means servant. We strive to serve remarkable specialty decaf coffee.

We hope you enjoy it.